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Address: No.600,Meiyu Road,nanxiang town Shanghai,China
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Shanghai Xingtian Machine Co, Ltd is located in Shanghai, the top financial city in China. We have always been committed to the design, manufacture, sales and after-sale services of packaging equipments. Our company is one of the members of Packaging Association. All the time we stick to the high quality and sincere service. And we have our own corporation spirit, that is to forge ahead and pursue high efficiency. With powerful technology development level, we strictly implement ISO2000 international quality management system standard, and we have also certified by International CE. Our main products are including vacuum package machine, strapping machine, film wrapping machine, case sealer, sealing machine,shrinking wrap machine. Our company always pays attention to the controlment of production progress and provide best product and service to our clients. Besides, we have established a complete Internet system for sales and services that is covering the whole market at home and abroad. Xingtian has won good reputation by its best product and efficient service, and our products have been popular among the domestic market.
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